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Holoo Software Engineering Company has always been ready to serve its esteemed customers since 1998 by employing experienced and proficient experts in all software produced by Tarfehnegar Group of Companies.

Holoo financial software offered by this company has specialized versions for stores, companies and productions covering more than 200 job groups.

Some of the services of this company are:

1) Telephone advice and guidance: Customers can receive advice by sales engineers by phone to purchase software tailored to their needs.

2) In-person consultation and guidance (demo): In order to receive in-person consultation regarding the software, customers can get acquainted with the software efficiency by making an appointment and by attending the company’s location. The experts of this unit, during the negotiation sessions with the applicants, identify the need of their organization or company for any of the software and then provide them with the appropriate software.

3) Sales through partners across the country: The group of companies has more than 500 sales partners and services throughout the country, which according to the type of cooperation are responsible for consulting, selling and providing the necessary services to applicants.