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Torfeh Negar

The Torfeh Negar group of companies as one of the pioneers of Iranian ICT industry, has been established since 1998 in the field of financial & accounting software development. The most important goal of Torfeh Negar is the institutionalization of modern technological tools in guilds & small to medium businesses. The group’s vision is to provide creative and intelligent services to business communities, hence innovation and creativity are considered as the main approaches of the company.

The Group of Torfeh Negar Companies

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Holoo Software Engineering Company
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Spad Software Designing Company
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HolooBan Service Development Company
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Favataradis Engineering Company
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Rahin Besun Educational Institution
  • Holoo Software Engineering Company
  • Spad Software Designing Company

Holoo Software Engineering Company

Holoo integrated financial software (warehousing, accounting, sales, cheque reminder and production control) has customized versions for stores, guilds and manufacturing companies. The software has numerous features including issuing all types of invoices, storing & reminding issued cheques automatically, extracting various reports and several other useful tools to ensure the validity of any business procedures. Easy to use with extensive features, Holoo software has become the most popular financial software in the country. This software is offered in single-user version as well as network versions with multi-users.



Professional Invoices

Professional Reports

Chequ reminder

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Spad Software Designing Company

With justifiable prices and feature-rich software, Spad provides the needs of several business groups and guilds.

Some of our products we offer are in the fields of:
Commercial, Manufacturing, Payment related services suitable for all governmental and
private companies and organizations (accounting, sales and costs, store,…).


Stock Management

Advanced Reports

Check Reminders

Support Center


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